MOT Preparations

Inner Vehicle MOT Preparation

All aspects of the inside of the vehicle is checked thoroughly, these aspects include:

  • Seats
  • Seat belts and supplementary restraint systems
  • Mirrors and indirect vision devices
  • Glass and view of the road
  • Windscreen washers and wipers
  • Speedometer/ tachograph
  • Horn
  • Driving controls
  • Steering control
  • Service brake pedal
  • Service brake operation
  • Pressure/ vacuum warning and build up
  • Hand lever operating mechanical brakes
  • Hand operated brake control valves
  • Cab floors and steps

Ground and Under Vehicle MOT Preparation

The Vehicle is also checked for:

  • Cab doors
  • Registration plate
  • Cab security
  • Security of body, containers and crane support legs
  • Condition of body
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Road wheels and hubs
  • Size and type of tyres
  • Condition of tyres
  • Sideguards, rear under-run devices and bumpers bars
  • Spare wheel and carrier
  • Condition of chassis
  • Vehicle to trailer coupling
  • Trailer parking, emergency brake and air line connections
  • Trailer landing legs
  • Spray suppression, wings and wheel arches
  • Speed limiter
  • Electrical wiring and equipment
  • Engine and transmission mountings
  • Oil leaks
  • Fuel tanks and system
  • Exhaust systems
  • Steering mechanism
  • Suspension
  • Axles, stub axles and wheel bearings
  • Transmission
  • Additional braking devices
  • Brake systems and components
  • Markers and reflectors
  • Lamps
  • Direction indicators and hazard warning lights
  • Aim of headlamps
  • Other dangerous defects

And More

We also ensure that your vehicle is ready by doing:

  • Emissions check
  • Brake test
  • Loading of the vehicle with test weight
  • Steam clean
  • Checking that the plating and testing certificate is there
  • Headlight beam checks

Once the vehicle has been through the MOT we unload the vehicle again, each year we will contact you to book you in for your MOT on a date suitable for you, enabling us to prepare your vehicle for MOT. Giving you peace of mind.

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