Brake Testing and Wheel Alignment

Brake Testing

Vehicles should always be pre-loaded before being roller-brake tested so that the grip between the tyre and the rollers enables the test to be more effective. The wheels move for longer, and this helps the brake force to become more powerful helping for better results. If the vehicle is empty or doesn’t have much weight on board, the grip from the tyre and the road or between the tyre and brake tester will be lower, this will then result in a smaller braking force, which will lead to the wheels locking.


Once the vehicle has had its brakes applied, no matter how much applied, this will give the figures and they will not change. Meaning that if the load that is on the vehicle was too light, the wheels may lock before we get the efficient figures needed.All our vehicles that we Repair/ Inspect or MOT Prep are roller-brake tested.


The test can also be requested if you’re concerned with the brakes on the vehicle. Brakes are one of the hardest working items on a vehicle, health and safety and for the peace of mind is what we like to offer towards our service.

Wheel Alignment

One of our services that we offer is wheel alignment. Wheel alignment which is also known as ‘tracking’ is a standard part of maintenance. It allows us to adjust the angles of the wheels that are specific from the truck manufacturer.


The reason we wheel align is to reduce the wear of the tyres. It also helps the vehicle to travel in a straight and accurate direction.

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